As a modern Jacksonville family law firm, we understand that not all families can afford to hire an experienced attorney to help them with their matter. We also recognize that modern legal consumers want to know as much about the law as they can before talking to an attorney.  Therefore, Watson Henderlite, Family Law Attorneys, is happy to make these public resources available to you. If, after preparing your case or after starting one on your own, you would like to come in and discuss your legal options with one of our attorneys, feel free to contact our firm. We are more than happy to assist you with issues, such as child support in Jacksonville, FL.

Since we are attorneys, we must offer a disclaimer: We did not prepare these forms or maintain these websites. Therefore, we cannot guarantee the accuracy of this information. Furthermore, the information provided does not constitute an attorney-client relationship with the Law Office of Denise Watson nor does it constitute legal advice. If you wish to receive legal advice from us, please give us a call. You can schedule an appointment with one of our divorce lawyers in Jacksonville, FL.

  1. Florida Supreme Court Family Law FormsThese standard forms are a great starting point to review your options.  The forms are updated periodically, so make sure you are using the most recent version.
  2. Sample Florida Petitions for Dissolution of Marriage (Divorce) The Petition for Dissolution is required to start the divorce process.  There are other mandatory forms that must be filed along with the Petition.  If you need assistance, please contact one of our attorneys.
  3. Sample Florida Parenting PlanThe Parenting Plan is the agreement that defines how each parent will share time with their children.   A Parenting Plan is typically very difficult to modify once it is signed by the Court so you need to be extremely careful drafting your plan before providing it to the Court.  If you would like an attorney to review your plan, feel free to contact our office.
  4. Minimum Florida Timesharing Guidelines for Duval, Clay and Nassau CountiesCurious about timesharing?  These are the minimum timesharing guidelines in Duval, Clay and Nassau counties under most circumstances.  Since these guidelines are a minimum, a judge may order equal timesharing.   Alternatively, as these guidelines may not work for all families, the court could order one parent to receive less timesharing.  In all cases, the Court must decide which parenting arrangement is in the best interest of the children.
  5. Duval County Clerk of Court Family Law DepartmentConfused about how to file a case?  The Duval County Clerk of Court’s website includes all kinds of useful information to help you get your case going.
  6. Children First in Divorce/2 Parents 2 Families All Duval County parents with children must take the Hope Have 2 Parents 2 Families course.  Please visit the Hope Haven website for more information.
  7. Annual Credit ReportIn most cases, you will need to disclose your credit report to the other side as part of the discovery process.  Please visit this website for a free credit report.