Category: Modifications and Relocations

Obtaining a Court Order Before Moving

You’ve been offered a promotion if you move out of state. However, you share joint custody with your ex-spouse. How do you handle such a matter? It is wise to seek counsel from a Jacksonville family law firm with skill and experience. Such a firm can tell you that Florida law requires a parent who [..]

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Reviewing Alimony Obligations

Is your ex-spouse in a committed relationship with someone else? If so, you may be able to alter or terminate your alimony payments. There are a variety of factors that the court may look at, such as: Married Behavior – If your former partner has moved in with a new person, uses the same name [..]

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Child Support in Jacksonville

Hello everyone and welcome back to our blog page!  I’d like to follow up on the last post about timesharing with some information about child support in Florida generally and the Jacksonville, FL specifically.   Child support is at issue in just about every case involving children.  In fact, child support is required by Florida law [..]

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