Child Custody Lawyers in Jacksonville, FL, Helping You with Your Children

Child Custody Lawyers in Jacksonville, FLAs your child custody lawyers in Jacksonville, FL, we understand that your children may be deeply affected by your divorce. Divorce is hard for all parties involved, but it can be especially rough for children as they adjust to new timesharing routines. While you and your former spouse settle into your new living arrangements, it’s critical that you continue to make your children a priority.

You will need to provide reassurance and be patient with them. Disruptive or withdrawn behaviors are common among children during divorce and child custody proceedings. We can recommend court-approved educational courses to help you through this process. In general, though, staying mindful of the following tips will help your children cope.

  1. Encourage Communication – Children may have trouble putting their feelings into words, but they need to know that their emotions are important and that you support them and care about what they have to say.
  2. Remain Respectful of Your Former Spouse in the Children’s Presence – Children are sensitive to conflict, and while you and your former spouse may not be on good terms, you need to minimize negativity and acknowledge that your children have a bond with their other parent, too.
  3. Keep the Timesharing Routine Consistent – Structure is crucial to children’s wellbeing, so both parents need to remain consistent in their scheduled time with them.
  4. Keep Yourself Healthy – It’s easy to become overwhelmed by negative emotions during divorce. If you need help, please reach out to family, friends, or qualified mental health professionals. Healthy diet, regular exercise, and enough sleep will help keep you balanced as you wait for your divorce and child custody judgment.