Divorce and Military Relocations

Jacksonville Military Divorce AttorneyWhen it comes to divorces and family law matters involving military families, there are many complexities that separate these from typical family law situations. Some of the many unique factors include military pensions, pay scales, base housing allowances, relocations, and custody of deployed parents. If you are in the service or are part of a military family, it’s essential to have a Jacksonville military divorce attorney that is experienced in all of these different aspects as your legal representation.

Military families are all too familiar with permanent change of station orders, or “PCS.” In most branches of the military, this is simply a way of life that they must adapt to from time to time. This aspect of military life also complicates divorces cases in matters dealing with child custody. In Florida, a parent must receive advance approval from the court in order to move his or her residence by more than 50 miles. This law even applies to a minority time-sharing parent.

The court’s decision on whether or not to allow the move is based on how legitimate the reason is for the move. The best interest of the child also plays a major part in the decision. The smartest way to navigate this legal situation is by enlisting the services of an experienced Jacksonville military divorce attorney, such as the ones at Watson Henderlite, Family Law Attorneys.