Breaking Up When You Are Unmarried with Children

Jacksonville Family Law FirmNobody goes into a relationship expecting to call it quits. While breaking up with a partner can be a lot simpler than filing for divorce, there are still some legal complications you could face during an unmarried separation with children. If you’re facing a custody battle, you may need to hire a Jacksonville family law firm to help protect your best interests.

What to Expect

If you and your former partner have children, you have the opportunity to work out a joint custody agreement. The more willing you and your ex-partner are to come to terms, the more likely your agreement will be accepted by the court. Keep in mind that the court will arrange custody based on the best interests of the child. The judge can choose to either accept your agreement or ask for modifications.

Factors to Consider

In the state of Florida, unmarried fathers are not automatically entitled to parental custody, regardless if both parents’ names are on the birth certificate. This can lead to a long and arduous court battle, depending on how you and your ex feel. Likewise, you may be requested to provide child support to your child’s other parent. Make sure you have a family law firm you trust to protect your best interests during this process, as everything should be decided fairly.