Obtaining a Court Order Before Moving

Jacksonville Family Law FirmYou’ve been offered a promotion if you move out of state. However, you share joint custody with your ex-spouse. How do you handle such a matter? It is wise to seek counsel from a Jacksonville family law firm with skill and experience. Such a firm can tell you that Florida law requires a parent who is moving more than 50 miles away to seek the court’s permission. This is because you need the court to modify the existing order.

This is not necessarily a quick and easy process. There is paperwork to file and court appearances to keep. With a lawyer to provide advice, you can move the matter along for resolution.

Court Appearance May Not Be Required
When both parents agree to the relocation, the matter might not require a formal hearing. However, both parents must sign a contract, which then goes to the court for approval. The agreement must include the signatures of both parents, a visitation schedule for the parent who is not moving, and an explanation about transportation for the child to go back and forth.

A parent who moves without getting the court’s permission is at risk of contempt of court. In the relocation process, the court is protecting both the rights of the child and parent who is not moving, as well as their relationship with each other.