How the Florida Courts Assist with Child Custody

Jacksonville Family AttorneyEmotions run high during a divorce, making it difficult for both sides to reach agreement on the most important matters – one of which is children. This is why the Florida Family Court steps in to render final approval on key elements of the divorce decree. When children are concerned, the court’s priority with custody is to look after the best interests of the child. This may include legal and physical, and sole or joint custody:

  • Legal – Refers to decision-making about the child’s schooling, medical care, religious upbringing, and discipline.
  • Physical – Refers to where the child will live.
  • Sole – Refers to one parent receiving custody.
  • Joint – Refers to both parents sharing custody.

With joint custody, one parent is designated as the primary custodian with whom the child has a permanent residence; the other parent has visitation rights.

When something as precious as your child is involved, you want to have skilled and experienced representation at your side. It is essential to have someone who can simplify the complexities of the court system and help you understand what your rights are. This way, your lawyer can seek the best possible outcome. When you are involved in the Family Court system, it is wise to have a Jacksonville family attorney to look out for your rights and that of your child.