Giving Up Parental Rights

Child Support in Jacksonville, FLParental rights are put in place to ensure that a parent has the ability to be in their child’s life, no matter what. State laws make it hard for these rights to be terminated, but it is important to note that one parent can give up these rights when necessary by signing a voluntary surrender agreement.

In these cases, a parent must sign this document before two witnesses and a notary public. This document will let the court know that said parent is giving up all rights to spend time with the child. A parent can give up their rights in a variety of situations, such as when they are a danger to the child, have committed a violent crime against the other parent, or are in prison for a crime and will remain there past the child’s 18th birthday. It is important to note that relinquishing your rights will not get a parent out of having to pay child support. The courts want to make sure that the child is supported by both parents.

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