Reviewing Alimony Obligations

Jacksonville Family Law FirmIs your ex-spouse in a committed relationship with someone else? If so, you may be able to alter or terminate your alimony payments. There are a variety of factors that the court may look at, such as:

  • Married Behavior – If your former partner has moved in with a new person, uses the same name as this person, and is referring to them as their husband or wife – this is a moment when you can have the court take a look at your payments.
  • Sharing Finances – Sharing cell phone plans, having a joint bank account, and receiving cash from a new partner is another issue that a court will review. Examples like these mean that your former spouse is not relying on you for money anymore.
  • Joint Business Investments – Whether they have started a business together or are investing in a property, if your former spouse and their new partner are investing money together, it may be time for a review. This could be something as simple as a part-time job at their new partner’s established business.

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