Florida Parenting Plan Requirements

Child Support in Jacksonville, FLThere are many issues you need to consider when starting divorce proceedings, including how to handle parenting. Custody matters require creative and open-minded approaches to ensure that each parent will get the time they want with their children. In these cases, putting together an outlined parenting plan is the way to go.

When putting together this plan, there are a handful of things that the state of Florida requires you to put together. You must have a written description covering how you and the other parent will divvy up the daily tasks of raising your children. This includes a time-sharing schedule that shows precisely how much time will be spent with each parent. Additionally, you must have info regarding health care coverage, methods of communication between each parent and the children, and who will be responsible for school and any extracurricular activities. When you have all of this information in writing, you will be able to resolve any conflicts that may come up as your kids grow.

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