How Does Remarrying Affect Child Support?

close up of bride’s hand with engagement ringRemarrying after your divorce can bring up many questions when it comes to child support. How does this new marriage affect your child support payments? Whether you are the person paying or receiving the child support, there are a few things that will affect the payments, and some that will not.

What Won’t Affect Your Child Support
If you are divorced and you remarry, your existing child support orders usually do not change. When calculating the payments, the only incomes taken into account are that of you and your former spouse. Your new spouse’s income cannot be considered for child support in Jacksonville, FL. Additionally, your ex cannot file for a child support modification based solely on the fact that you have remarried. Any children that came into the relationship with your new spouse are also not considered.

What Can Affect Your Child Support
Existing child support orders are usually only changed in the following circumstances:

  • One or both parents experience an increase or decrease in their yearly income.
  • One or both parents incur additional household expenses.
  • You or your ex files for child support modification due to legitimate reasons like the two mentioned above.

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