Your home for family law.

Welcome to the Watson Henderlite your home for family law!  We practice family law exclusively and our firm has been a part of the Jacksonville community for more than thirty years and we are proud to represent all members of this diverse community.  If you are considering a divorce, have already decided on a divorce, have a custody, paternity, modification, military family law or LGBT family law issue, we are here to help.  Our firm serves residents of Jacksonville, the Beaches and surrounding counties, including Clay, Nassau, Baker and St. Johns.

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We understand that what you are going through. Since our attorneys only practice family law, we have the knowledge, experience, and skill to provide you with the best possible outcome.  Attorney Denise Watson has practiced law for nearly 40 years, nearly all of them in family law and attorney Jay Henderlite began receiving accolades for his family law knowledge before he even graduated from law school.  Our firm is like a family, providing you with the support you need to make it through this chapter of your life.

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We work in an old family home and we treat you like family.  Call or message us today to schedule a consultation.  We will support you from the moment you step foot in our office all the way to the day your legal matter is resolved and even beyond.